’We’re supporting the accessibility and affordability of renewable electricity for households,’ says deputy head

Insurer Aviva and broker Howden have teamed up to provide bespoke insurance for the UK’s first solar energy subscription service.

The startup, called Sunsave, offers homeowners solar batteries and panels using a regular payment plan.

Aviva and Howden worked together with Sunsave to create a bespoke construction and operation cover policy, which went live in February.

It is designed to cover customer subscription fees in the event of solar panel damage – Aviva has also agreed to streamline the process around new installations.

Ben Graves, cofounder at Sunsave, said: “We are delighted to have worked with Aviva and Howden to put in place an innovative insurance cover enabling us to launch the UK’s first solar subscription service.

“This cover provides peace of mind for our customers and marks another important milestone in bringing the power of solar to all households across the UK.”


The Aviva and Howden partnership aims to support innovation within the renewables space and links to their wider net zero ambitions.

Both firms are keen to support the UK’s transition to green and renewable energy through insurance, risk management solutions and advice.

Nick Evans, deputy head of renewable energy at Aviva, said: “We all have an important role to play in supporting the transition to net zero and bespoke policies like this can help to encourage environmentally friendly ideas to become reality.

“By working closely with both Sunsave and Howden, we’re supporting the accessibility and affordability of renewable electricity for households. I’m really pleased that Aviva continues to play a leading role in the renewables space and I look forward to seeing the impact of this and future partnerships.”

Deborah Duss, global head of renewable energy at Howden, added: “Howden is proud to have partnered with Aviva to deliver an effective insurance product that gives Sunsave insurance customers peace of mind in the event the solar and battery systems are damaged.

“Insurance has a crucial role to play in enabling the energy transition to be successful and we will continue to work with clients and markets globally to innovate and support growth in the renewable energy sector.”

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