Winners will be revealed at Insurance Times Claims Excellence Awards 2020 on 15 October, further details will be announced soon 

Here we feature DWF Law’s entry into Claims Service Solution of the Year

DWF Law entered its telematics claims predicting solution, to read more fantastic Q&As from finalists, click here 

What key achievement did your entry highlight?

DWF Law have forged the way for use of telematics data in claims courts through taking complex GPS data and accelerometer data from telematics devices and converting that data into disclosable format as evidence compliant with DPA and admissible in court.

Analysing telematics data is ground-breaking and its use in claims across all areas but specifically in large loss cases and to identify fraud is truly unique.

DWF have achieved industry first case results to include the first finding of fundamental dishonesty where telematics data was relied upon to disprove a dishonest personal injury claims/ first use of Telematics data to detect a fraud ring.

What sets your firm apart from the other shortlisted contenders?

DWF have uniquely built a telematics screening product and telematics claims predictor. The telematics screening product imports telematics data, high risk fraud organisations and then converts and analyses the data into disclosable evidence which underpins DWF’s objectives to innovate legal services far beyond the traditional law firm.

DWF’s telematics claims predictor works on data sets to predict outcomes which is used to optimise the issues of liability and causation and fraud across all claims areas leading to a huge reduction of indemnity spend  and frictional costs. DWF have established a reputation as the leading legal experts in telematics.

Can you share data or testimonials to back up your bid to win?

Judy Dawson – Park Square Chambers - “DWF have a very good reputation for dealing with telematics evidence, having been at the forefront of this development of this area of law.”

Ollie Little – Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department - ”DWF’s work in demystifying telematics is excellent. As new technologies come online in the fight against fraud, use of telematics are being used to support prosecutions now, in large part thanks to DWF.”

Dan Monaghan – Cobden House Chambers - ”DWF has been at the forefront of several developments in fraud, specifically reliance upon telematics data. DWF has been ever-present in the evolution of reliance upon telematics.”

How will you celebrate if you are the victor?

The DWF team will party with our clients until the early hours of the morning.

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