Winners will be revealed at Insurance Times’s Claims Excellence Awards 2020 on 15 October at Kensington’s Royal Garden Hotel

Here we feature Clegg Gifford’s entry into Claims Team of the Year

Clegg Gifford entered its claims leakage solution, to read more fantastic Q&As from finalists, click here

What key achievement did your entry highlight?

That a well-motivated team, led by peers and given the remit for change can achieve great things.

This was a team effort, and everyone pulled together. It is about having confidence in yourself and the team and having the authority to make changes. Confidence stems from this. Confidence, confidence, confidence.

What sets your firm apart from the other shortlisted contenders?

We are a family company and had a traditional mindset; thorough but slipping behind industry developments.

Probably unlike the others - we did not start from a good place - we inherited a backlog position and had to work twice as hard to get to business as usual and then onwards to what good looks like – so it’s been twice the challenge.

Can you share data or testimonials to back up your bid to win?

Our claims leakage went from over 10% at its worst to now 2% according to the firm’s external audit report in December 2019.

How will you celebrate if you are the victor?

It is our claims manager’s birthday on the night of the awards so drinks would definitely be on him.

The team would be euphoric, and I have a feeling the champers might flow that evening - hopefully does not count as claims leakage.

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