Winners will be revealed at Insurance Times’s Claims Excellence Awards 2020 on 15 October and further details will be announced shortly

Here we feature Digi2L’s entry into Claims Product Solution of the Year – Claims Management

Digi2L entered its product solution which includes a bespoke portal for claims’ management and new tech

What sets your firm apart from the other shortlisted contenders?

What sets Digi2L apart as a comprehensive product solution for insurers is an in-depth knowledge and passion for both claims’ management and new technology.

Specifically, this enables Digi2L to apply insight into how both subjects can be combined for the benefit of both the customer and insurer, and to redefine the claims process. This is further supported by a proven track record in the delivery of added value features that extend beyond the standard claim’s management model.

Can you share data or testimonials to back up your bid to win?

The bespoke portal saw 60,000 claimants register their claim within the first 24 hours, receiving over 1.5 million-page hits in total.

Structured Document Upload: proves far greater claim status transparency to the claimant, and helps reduce unnecessary claim handler fees for the insurer.

How will you celebrate if you are the victor?

Digi2L are currently working on further innovative enhancements to challenge the standard online claims management model and to assist insurers with efficiency and cost-saving new features.

If we are successful chosen as winners of the Insurance Times Claims Excellence Awards ‘Claims Product Solution of the Year’ category we will likely channel that considerable excitement back, as renewed energy, to deliver great results on our clients’ behalf.

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