Jon Newall, chief executive of Prosura, talks about what it would mean for the business to win the Independent Broker of the Year award

What made you put yourselves forward for Independent Broker of the Year?

We entered to show that independent insurance broking is alive and kicking in Yorkshire, despite over-consolidation leaving a detrimental impact on the landscape.

We wanted to demonstrate that true independent broking advice is available for business and personal Lines clients, that isn’t led by agenda or placement strategy.

We wanted to celebrate pushing the boundaries of service and advice while giving clients more with our Digital Lawyer.

Finally, we believe that we have created an exit strategy for independent Yorkshire insurance brokers, allowing them to retire knowing their clients and team members will be looked after.

What do you think makes your entry stand out and why should you win the award?

Both our written entry and presentation showcase that Prosura has a genuine passion for independent broking. As a third generation independent broker it is quite literally in my blood!

We demonstrated Prosura’s goals to push the boundaries of customer service – to show how an insurance broker can add value and to become a valuable partner to our clients.

I also believe that, through the Digital Lawyer platform, we have developed a service that clients really value, especially for personal and SME clients, who are facing budget constraints in the current economic climate.

What would winning this award mean to you and your firm?

Honestly, as a third-generation, fiercely independent insurance broker, it would be like winning an Oscar!

It would be icing on the cake after spending two years pushing hard to create Prosura. It would be Christmas coming early in the Prosura office.

I feel genuinely privileged and lucky to be able to come to work and lead an amazing team of brokers. Each colleague feels as passionately as I do about independent broking and doing the job right. Winning would shine a light on their passion, knowledge and talents. It would be the perfect reward for all their hard work.

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