’The business is poised to convert its strong pipeline of new opportunities,’ says chief financial officer

Insurance distribution business Jensten Group has revealed that it managed to secure £170m in funding for its growth plans.

The funding was secured in new borrowing facilities over the last six months and will be used for a series of upcoming strategic acquisitions and organic growth initiatives.

Jensten’s chief financial officer Ed Hannan said that the business was currently working on a range of new opportunities and now had increased “firepower” to push on with expansion plans.

“This recent expansion in funding marks another important moment for Jensten, as the business advances on its growth trajectory,” he said.

“With enhanced financial firepower evidencing the support and confidence of our partners, the business is poised to convert its strong pipeline of new opportunities.”


Jensten has already made several acquisitions this year, including that of Scrutton Bland and Henry Seymour and Co.

Jensten said these deals would support its strategy to expand its footprint across the UK.

And Hannan felt that with there being increased funding available for acquisitions, the firm “continues to be an attractive choice for business owners who are considering their options”.

“Our track record speaks for itself and we remain well-equipped to strike further deals, which align with our growth strategy,” he said.

“The commitment from our partners reaffirms our ability to offer attractive options to vendors looking for a collaborative business partner capable of helping them drive business growth, ensure client satisfaction, foster staff development and secure its legacy.

“Our most recent acquisitions are a clear demonstration of our ability to attract high-quality businesses into the Jensten family, where they have the support available to ensure they continue to thrive and flourish.”