Partnerships director says scheme will ’best suits their needs and protects these popular cars on our roads for generations to come’

Broker Kingfisher has revealed that its classic vehicle brand Peter James has teamed up with the MK1 Golf Owners Club to offer its members a new insurance scheme.

A statement released yesterday (14 August 2023) said the scheme had been designed with MK1 owners in mind, with input from club management throughout the creation process.

Benefits it will provide include allowing club members to drive each other’s cars with fully comprehensive cover as well as free salvage retention.

Enthusiasts will also be offered free valuation process for any MK1 Golf and insurance solutions for younger individuals and family members.

“These benefits not only encourage the continued enjoyment of the vehicles through enabling club members to drive each other’s Mk1s, but ensure that the passion is handed down to new generations of enthusiasts through the provision of insurance solutions for younger members of the club,” Peter James said.


Dave Youngs, partnerships director at the firm, added:The team at Peter James Insurance are excited to be working with the MK1 Golf Owners Club.

“Despite being a single marque club, their community has such a vibrant and diverse range of vehicles and is truly driven by passion.

“From modified classics to cars in regular use, from Cabriolets to GTis, we have worked closely with the club and its members to create an insurance product that best suits their needs and protects these popular cars on our roads for generations to come.”

This is not the first partnership Peter James has formed this year, having formed three deals in April 2023.

This included partnering with the Classic Car Loan Project, Norton Owners Club as well as the AJS and Matchless Owners’ Club.

Speaking about its latest deal with the MK1 Golf Owners Club, Jacquie Boast, chief executive at Kingfisher, said: “The exclusive partnership showcases why Peter James Insurance, as part of the Kingfisher Insurance family, is a leading provider of insurance solutions for the classic vehicle community and it’s fantastic to be contributing to the longevity of the movement.”