RSA comes bottom again Insurance Times’ Five Star Rating Reports, but it can bounce back 

By Content Director Saxon East


Saxon East

‘Swagger’ - it is the one word that sums up what’s missing from insurer RSA.

When I first joined Insurance Times back in 2009, RSA was the biggest of beasts, jostling with Aviva as the UK’s largest agency for brokers across the regions.

RSA’s giant presence was encapsulated by its £5bn bid to buy Aviva’s UK general insurance book back in 2010.

RSA is still trading with brokers, but it is a diminished force in both size and service.

This year’s Insurance Times’ Five Star Rating Reports for commercial and personal lines demonstrate this trend, with broker feedback placing RSA last across both reports. 

Standing for what?

So, what next? 

RSA should work out what it stands for and communicate that message. 

Speak to brokers privately about RSA and the same message comes back - good in pockets with certain brokers and does a lot of business that sticks. 

This is hardly the greatest endorsement though. 

What problems are RSA solving exactly? Service? Capacity for specialist lines? Home for the independent broker? 

There probably isn’t a broker that could tell you the answer here, apart from a few favoured agencies that will give glowing feedback. 

RSA’s opportunity

However, there is a great opportunity for RSA to improve.

It can grow profitably in the UK and raise service standards. 

There is much in its favour. 

It has a strong name that is well recognised by brokers. RSA is well capitalised. It has experienced staff. Above all, it has a highly successful foreign parent, Intact.

There will surely be significant investment from Intact.

The era of cost cutting under former boss Stephen Hester is over. This is a new chapter. 

Brokers love to have competition and choice when placing business.

2022 can be the beginning of something special. Brokers will definitely hope so.