The insurtech’s chief executive, Paul Stanley tells Insurance Times why no code technology is going to be the ’next big thing’ in insurance and reveals how the technology’s flexibility allowed 360Globalnet to build its own Track and Trace System

’No code’ technology could be the ’next big thing’ in insurance, overtaking artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, according to 360Globalnet’s chief executive Paul Stanley. 

It refers to technology that can designed and implemented by non-IT persons as there is no programming or code required. He likened it to Lego blocks as it can assembled as required with all its hosting and infrastructure based in the Cloud.

When asked why no code technology might be ’the next big thing’, Stanley told Insurance Times that it simplifies the whole business of IT by putting change directly in the hands of the business itself, therefore it does not have to rely on the capacity of the firm’s IT department. 

And the insurtech’s no-code technology that it built for the insurance industry has also enabled it to build its own Track and Trace solution. Like the NHS Track and Trace app it can identify the user’s condition, whether they have tested positive, as well as keeping track of contacts and it is localised to deal with individual clusters of people. This is why he believes 360Globalnet’s solution is superior to the current NHS Track and Trace system. 

Stanley said: “We built no code digital technology for the insurance sector principally for claims, but we also have a policy system, quote and buy capability.

“It’s the fact that you or I can sit down at the keyboard with no programming knowledge and build an application for a completely different use case (Track and Trace) which shows how powerful and flexible this technology is.”

Track and Trace 

360Globalnet provided the government with this solution on the 14 March – a week before the UK locked down to mitigate the spread of coronavirus. 

The solution can be accessed via an HTML5 weblink instead of an app, was built in three hours.

According to Stanley, the solution managed to garner the attention of Conservative Party businesswoman and head of the NHS’ Track and Trace system Dido Harding, as well as attracting the curiosity of former foreign secretary, Jeremy Hunt, despite not being selected by the government for nationwide use. 

It follows a technical glitch in the NHS Track and Trace app which caused UK Covid-19 cases to soar by almost 23,000 on Sunday last week. 

This was a result of positive test results exceeding the maximum file size of the Microsoft Excel sheet in which they were recorded which prevented new names being added by an automated process, according to The Week.

The NHS Track and Trace app, which allegedly cost £10m, uses Bluetooth technology. It uses Apple and Google’s ecosystems to produce exposure notifications for contact tracing via an application programming interface which means that two applications can effectively speak to each other.

No code

He said that the cloud-based no code technology that 360Globalnet has built can support insurers settling claims for customers. 

Meanwhile the insurtech is also working with commercial insurers so that brokers can work digitally and all claims can be reported online by them or the customer.

The broker can also be kept up to date in the process with each development without the need for human intervention.

He has ambitions of taking no-code technology to Latin America and India.

Stanley explained that no code technology can be used for policy administration, Quote and Buy; as well as customer engagement change the dynamic broker-customers and brokers-insurers dynamic.

He said that this would make the whole process easier for customers by providing a better service as well as being more efficient for brokers and the insurers.

“Technology is increasingly becoming a commodity, that’s what we realised. The complex has to become simple, the expensive has to become cheap, and the slow has to become fast,” he added. 


Stanley said that insurers now have the digital capability to wrap no-code digital technology around legacy systems and produce a slicker end to end digital experience for claims notification and settlement.

It can be used for any claim type or complexity, in any territory, he asserted.

Stanley added: “Customers both personal and commercial can manage the whole claim from any device. The technology allows maximum automation and calls out to humans only where they are needed.”

Companies such as Black Rock, Google and other large investors are already making significant investment in no-code technology.

Stanley describes it as “technology being disrupted by technology”. But he said that insurers are way behind the curve, he said Direct Line, Esure, Allianz and Hannover Re as the only firms in the UK to have no-code technology .

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