’Our purpose is to be with brokers today for a better tomorrow,’ says broker development director 

Aviva has launched a new digital tool for brokers in a bid to help them improve their sustainability goals and strategy, a statement released yesterday (12 September 2023) said.

The proposition, called Sustainable Business Coach, was designed to help brokers discover the impact that their business has on the envrionment and wider society.

In turn, Aviva hopes this will help brokers develop their sustainability capabilities – as part of this, it will provide them with a personalised report on how they can improve their goals and strategy.

Our purpose is to be with brokers today for a better tomorrow,” Ryan Birbeck, broker development director at Aviva, said.

”Helping our partners become more sustainable across all aspects of ESG [envrionmental, social and governance] and getting climate-ready is an integral part of how we run our business.”


This came after a study in December 2022, conducted by Censuswide Research on behalf of Aviva, found that out of 224 brokers, some 97% wanted to make their business and clients’ businesses more sustainable.

As a result, the Sustainable Business Coach, which was developed in partnership with non-profit organisation Future-Fit and digital coaching business Life Moments, has also been designed to help brokers benchmark their progress towards net zero.

When using the tool, brokers will be asked to fill out a series of questions to identify which of the ‘23 Break-Even goals’ were most relevant for their business to tackle.

The question set will identify what each business does, its potential impact on the environment and what measures are already in place.

When completed, the digital coach will generate a score out of 100%, reflecting the progress made against the high-priority goals, as well as a list of actions that will guide them on their net zero journey.

“With our previous research showing that the majority of brokers want support to make their businesses more sustainable, our new coach offers clear, actionable advice and guidance, while also providing them with the ability to benchmark their progress,” Birbeck said.

”Not only does this help brokers create a long-term plan, it ensures that they remain relevant to clients whose needs are constantly evolving in this space.”