Laser hair removal only accounted for 7% of claims but involved the most serious injuries 

Eyebrow microblading and tinting blunders account for 37% of salon injury-related insurance claims, according to data published by Zurich today (8 August 2022).

The fashion trend for fuller looking eyebrows has led to a surge in customers going for microblading treatments at salons, which is when hair strands are individually tattooed onto the eyebrow semi-permanently to make them appear fuller.

More than a quarter (28%) of claims made against beauty salons result from customers that have experienced eyebrow and eyelash tints gone wrong. Microblading-related injuries account for a further 9% of claims.

Salons tint eyelashes and eyebrows for customers to make them appear darker and fuller.

However, both of these treatments can trigger allergic reactions that can lead to redness, swelling and breathing difficulties.

Clare Mitchell, Zurich’s head of public liability claims, said: “With big, fluffy brows on trend, eyebrow treatments are more popular than ever. While allergic reactions are rare, consumers should be aware of the potential complications and how they can be avoided.

“Even if you’re in a rush, passing on a patch test is not worth the potential consequences.”

Most salons request the customer to undergo a patch test pre-appointment to check they are not allergic to the dye. This involves a small amount of dye placed on the customers skin for a few hours.

Zurich is therefore urging customers to have this test to prevent adverse skin reactions and injuries.

Accidents happen 

The insurer highlighted other popular treatments behind most injury claims.

For example, claims for laser hair removal are on the up. Although this treatment accounted for fewer than 7% of injuries, it caused the most serious injuries, with average claims of £6,600.

Hair and eyelash extensions were behind 15% of salon claims, with reports of hair loss.

Lastly, nail treatments including manicures and pedicures, made up 17% of claims with injuries ranging from allergic reactions to fungal infections.

Overall, beauty treatment claims amounted to £2,400 on average.

Popular salon treatments% of claims

1. Eyebrow/Eyelash tinting


2. Nails - Pedicure/Manicure


3. Hair Extensions


4. Microblading


5. Hairdressing


6. IPL Laser/Hair Removal


7. Facial


8. Waxing


9. Other e.g Advanced Electrolysis, Ear piercing, Cryosthetics Cool Lift Gun, Lipofirm Pro


10. Micro Dermabrasion/Peel


Mitchell added: “While the vast majority of salons follow good practice, accidents can happen.” This included harsh chemicals to hot wax. 

She continued: “You can reduce the risk of injury by researching the provider and treatment, before making a booking. It’s a good idea to check the salon’s website for customer reviews and ensure practitioners are appropriately trained and insured.

“Accidents in the salon are not just disastrous for customers but can leave businesses in a precarious financial and legal position. If a customer suffers an injury, small firms may not have the funds to cover a large and unexpected bill, which is why it pays to have the right cover in place. It’s also important salons and practitioners comply with policy terms and conditions when they carry out treatments.”