Insurance Times rounds up the biggest stories from the first week of 2024

Starting off the week, technology editor Clare Ruel highlighted how AI was being tipped as the ’next growth area’ in the industry.

AI tipped as ‘next growth area’ despite lack of broker investment

Then, reporter Isobel Rafferty highlighted Biba’s calls for amendments to the UK government’s Apprenticeship Levy in its 2024 manifesto.

Manifesto 2024: Biba calls for amendments to UK government Apprenticeship Levy

Following this, junior reporter Chantal Kapani questioned if women were being heard when they speak about their career aspirations.

‘Would they have said that if I was a man?’

And then deputy news editor James Cowen spoke to Biba chief executive Graeme Trudgill about the 2024 manifesto and his plans for the year.

Graeme Trudgill: How Biba is working with the FCA and bringing its 2024 manifesto to life

Rounding off the week, head of research  spoke to MPR about what it feels like scoring five stars in this year’s MGA survey for the fourth year in a row.

Q&A: MPR says ‘nothing has changed in our approach, attitude and commitment’