Forbes McKenzie, founder and chief executive of McKenzie Intelligence, explains why the company is hoping to win the Excellence in Technology – Service Provider award

Why have you entered the Excellence in Technology – Service Provider award?

F McKenzie

Forbes McKenzie, founder and chief executive of McKenzie Intelligence

We have entered for the Excellence in Technology – Service Provider category because we believe our unique and innovative geospatial platform, the global events observer (Geo), is an industry one-of-a-kind, enabling insurers to increase efficiencies and reduce cost following a Cat event.

As catastrophic events across the globe are becoming increasingly frequent and severe, we recognise the pressure insurers face. Geo mitigates this pressure by providing reliable, real-time and actionable intelligence that enables insurers to deploy resources efficiently and assess property damage accurately and quickly – reducing loss adjusting expenses, making reserving more accurate and creating better outcomes for their policyholders.

What do you think makes your entry stand out and why should you win the award?

We stand out for many reasons, but primarily because we understand the pressure points that exposure management, claims and executive teams are under after a Cat event and have solved these issues through an insurance lens, while utiilising the very best in geospatial technology for all perils, whether natural or man-made, modelled or non-modelled, on a global scale.

We incorporate data from space, air and ground to offer a holistic and detailed representation of catastrophes all through one single platform.

Much more than just a data provider, MIS provides answers to our clients, enabling them to take immediate action.

What would winning this award mean to you and your firm?

Winning this award would reaffirm our commitment to the global insurance industry of being the trusted intelligence provider in the critical time following a catastrophic event.

We are a small but mighty company – only 25 full-time employees, each of whom are dedicated to carrying out our mission.

We take pride in having built a reliable and scalable platform in Geo, which combines the use of innovative technology with human capability to deliver actionable intelligence for insurers and, in turn, accelerate economic recovery by helping communities and businesses rebuild after a catastrophic event.


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