The insurtech’s co-chief executive and co-founder describes himself as a Brit

New York-based insurtech Lemonade has launched in Great Britain with the help of Aviva as its long-term strategic partner, it announced today (4 October 2022).

This makes the UK, Lemonade’s fourth market in Europe in which it has launched so far. Lemonade previously expanded into Germany in June 2019, the Netherlands in April 2020 and France in December 2020 offering contents insurance for homeowners, as well as pet, car and life insurance.

The insurtech’s co-chief executive and co-founder, Daniel Schreiber announced on LinkedIn yesterday that Lemonade was “coming home” as he is a Brit himself.

Schreiber added: “Insurance as we know it hails from the UK, as do I. So both professionally and personally bringing Lemonade to the UK is a homecoming of sorts.

“We believe the millions of local renters will appreciate what Lemonade has to offer. After all, who doesn’t want instant, transparent, personalised, and mission-driven insurance?

”Pairing Lemonade’s strengths with Aviva’s promises to deliver an insurance that is digitally native, yet rooted in the birth of modern statistics in the 1700s. It’s the best of both worlds, giving people a refreshing experience backed by a company they’ve known and trusted for years.”

Shared outlook 

Lemonade will be offering contents insurance in the UK starting from £4 per month that will include global coverage for personal items up to £2k in value each, totalling up to £100k. Extra fees will be charged for accidental damage cover for mobile devices.

Meanwhile, Adam Winslow, chief executive of Aviva UK and Ireland General Insurance said: “We’re excited to be appointed as the long-term partner for Lemonade in the UK. We share a common outlook for how digital, artificial intelligence and data can transform customer experiences, and the role insurers can play in building stronger communities,.

“By joining forces we can ensure compelling propositions reach a broader range of customers, including renters, an under-served yet growing segment of the UK insurance market. In our 325 year history we have adapted and thrived in a changing world and our partnership with Lemonade is a marker of our intent to continue just this.”


In November 2018 the Schreiber said a DNA test revealed his family had been European for 1,000 years as he announced that Lemonade was making its first expansion into Europe.

At the time, he said: “You see, as a Brit, I grew up on an island that saw itself as at once part of Europe and possessed a ‘special relationship’ with the US.

“Europe’s a core part of my identity and home to my grandmother, siblings, in-laws and many friends.

“Not to get too teary-eyed, but this is something of a homecoming for me.”

Founded in 2015, Lemonade launched its flagship renters insurance in the United States in 2016. 


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