MGA with own e-trading platform plans to maintain quality service to brokers with specialist products 

Accelerate Underwriting has renewed its capacity which should write ’well in excess’ of £125m gross written.

The new deal with RSA, which covers the majority of Accelerate Underwriting’s capacity, will last five years.

Accelerate Underwriting, which started in 2015, offers specialist products to brokers including care, non-standard, unoccupied property owners and bespoke schemes.

Accelerate Underwriting also has its own purpose-built e-trade platform, called AcceleRATER, offering full-cycle service, instant documentation and dynamic policy wording. 

The business model is built around low referrals, but will quickly put through brokers requesting deeper levels of service. 

Managing director Scott Brown said: ”We have that binder well in excess of £125m. It is a decent-sized deal. I have known RSA for a long time and they could not be more supportive.

”They are a blue chip insurer who inspire a lot of confidence in the market. One of the reasons we have had a successful relationship is that we have a focus on non-standard and niche that they do not do themselves.”

Brown said Acclerate’s own easy-to-use e-trading portal was good for brokers who wanted smooth service, especially during these challenging times.

The business is organised so that its underwriters mobile phone numbers are accessible for brokers needing greater levels of communication, Brown said. 

Brown was previously chief executive of commercial underwriting at Towergate between 2009 and 2014. He also had 18 months as an executive director at Aqueduct Underwriting.