In a matter of day, motorists will need to show evidence of insurance when they travel to the European Union

BIBA has warned motorists they face fines or even vehicle seizures if they travel to EU states withoutt a Green Card after Brexit.

The Green Card is a printed document that provides proof of insurance cover for motorists and will need to be checked at the port of entry once the UK leaves the European Union on 31 December, irregardless of whether a trade deal is agreed.

For lorries, both the cab and the trailer will need a Green Card. 

”Ultimately, motorists may not be allowed to drive in the country they are visiting”, Biba said. 

”Anyone planning to drive across the channel in January or February needs to contact their insurance provider now to make sure they receive their Green Card before they go”, the broker trade body added.

BIBA also warned tht drivers and hauliers face delays at ports as they face additional document checks. Vehicles will need to have a Green Card in place for trailers are caravans too.

BIBA executive director Graeme Trudgill said: “In 2019 a Populus survey commissioned by BIBA and the ABI highlighted an alarming lack of awareness of what motorists will legally need to travel in Europe after Brexit and we have no evidence that this has changed.

”With or without a withdrawal agreement, negotiations will still be needed to allow access to the Free Circulation Zone and for unnecessary bureaucracy to be avoided.

“People planning to travel need to contact their insurance provider at least six weeks before their departure date to allow time for their insurer to send a Green Card.

”This can be emailed to policyholders but must be printed as electronic copies are not valid.  In a small positive step these no longer need to be printed on green paper!”

Earlier this month, the ABI called on the UK government to continue negotiations with the EU Commission to ensure that the UK can remain as part of the Green Card free zone.

Carol Hall, the ABI’s assistant director, head of European and international affairs, said: “Insurers have put considerable resources into preparing for the need to issue Green Cards for travel from 1 January 2020 to minimise any disruption to motorists.

“We appreciate the pragmatic approach the UK government has taken on this matter and we need them to press the EU Commission to agree that the UK and its motorists can stay in the Green Card free zone.”