Differing damage patterns claims to show clear evidence of a genuine collision and a staged collision

Vehicle damage patterns have been used to identify so-called ’crash for cash’ incidents.

UK vehicle salvage operator e2e sponsored research by the Institute of Traffic Accident Investigators (ITAI) looking into low speed, fraudulent, staged accidents. 

The results, which have not yet been released, will be used by insurers to help detect and repudiate crash for cash claims.

The Crash Test Day research carried out by ITAI recreated some staged accidents and genuine accidents using identical vehicles and accident scenarios in order to compare the resulting damage patterns.

The differing damage patterns showed clear evidence of a genuine collision and a staged collision, e2e said.

Neil Joslin, chief operating officer at e2e said: “Our insurer clients are challenged by rising motor claims costs and motor fraud.

”According to the latest ABI statistics, motor claims fraud cost insurers £629 million in 2018. We saw an opportunity, through our partnership with the ITAI, to facilitate crash tests that would interrogate low impact collisions and we hoped to provide critical insights into staged accidents.

”We are delighted that the research has highlighted claims fraud indicators that can be of value to the insurance counter fraud community.”