New research from MoneySupermarket finds millenials are most likely to take risks when it comes to their cover

More than half of Brits have committed offences that would void their car or home insurance claim, according to new data from price comparison website MoneySuperMarket.

This is despite them knowing it could leave them unprotected in the event of an incident or burglary.

Minor misdemeanours such as letting others drive their cars or leaving windows open are commonly committed, even though it would totally void a policy if a claim would have to be made.

13% of Brits admitted that they fail to inform their car insurance provider of when they change jobs despite almost half (47%) being fully aware that it could nullify a claim.

Research from earlier this year found that students without jobs who list themselves as ‘unemployed’ can add as much as 51% to their premium – potentially costing them a huge £677.

Then even though over half (55%) of people are aware that starting a business from your home could void any home insurance policy, 5% have admitted to starting one without telling their insurer.

But, it is the leaving of home windows open and allowing someone else to drive your car that has presented the largest numbers of perpetrators.

With over half of the UK knowing these offences would void a policy, around a third admit to carrying out each. 34% admitted to leaving windows open, while 31% admitted to letting someone else drive their car.

The most common insurance violations according to

ViolationInsurance typePercentage committedKnown offence?

Leaving windows open when leaving the house




Letting other people drive your car




Leaving the door unlocked when leaving the house




Failing to turn on the burglar alarm when leaving the house




Driving with a pet on the seat unrestrained




Changing jobs and not informing your car insurer




Tom Flack, editor-in-chief at MoneySuperMarket commented: “There are lots of ways that Brits can accidentally find themselves in a position where they’re flouting the rules of their insurance policy. Yet surprisingly, our latest research reveals that many are actually aware of the risks but are still willing to gamble.

“What may seem like a trivial action, such as not informing your insurer when you change jobs, may result in your insurance being voided, meaning that if something goes wrong, your claim won’t be paid. This could leave people with a huge potential loss if their house is burgled or they are in a car accident.

”Make sure you’ve got the insurance cover that best suits your needs and regularly shop around for the best deal.”

This research comes along at around the same time as other research which showed that more van accidents involve a Ford.