’Insurers and MGAs need every tool at their disposal in order to gain that edge,’ says sales director

Quantee’s partnership with Sapiens International will helps firms better ”react and pre-empt rapidly changing market conditions around them”.

That was according to Scott Holmes, sales director at Quantee, who told Insurance Times that the deal will ”bring significant value” to insurers and managing general agents (MGAs).

The partnership is designed to help firms provide more accurate pricing, with those using Sapiens’ software being able to access Quantee’s pricing software as part of their policy administration platform.

Quantee said the combination would also help companies launch and manage insurance products quickly.

“Insurers need to be able to launch and manage products quickly in order to not only react to changing market conditions, but also to try and pre-empt them,” Holmes said.

“Insurers and MGAs need every tool at their disposal in order to gain that edge. Agility is a must and the combination of this technology from Quantee and Sapiens provides that agility, allowing users to react and pre-empt the rapidly changing market conditions around them.”


Sapiens’ cloud-based SaaS insurance platform offers pre-integrated, low-code capabilities across core, data and digital domains to help with customers’ digital transformation.

Holmes said that its ”highly advanced platform is perfect to manage the end-to-end insurance journey”.

Amanda Ingram, propositions, alliances and ecosystem manager at Sapiens, added: “Quantee’s advanced algorithms and predictive analytics empower insurers to adapt to changing market conditions in real-time, resulting in increased profitability, improved customer satisfaction, and enhanced risk management.

“With Quantee’s solutions, insurers can streamline operations, minimize losses, and seize opportunities for growth in a dynamic and evolving insurance landscape.”