’Expanding our panel of insurers shortly after launch is a major endorsement for The Green Insurer,’ says chief executive

Motor broker The Green Insurer has partnered with LV= General Insurance as part of plans to grow its panel of insurers.

The broker said it was making the move as increasing the number of insurers it works with would make its motor policies offering carbon-offsetting ”even more competitive”.

The firm was launched in December 2023 and offers eco-friendly, carbon-offset driven car insurance to UK drivers and rewards policyholders for sustainable driving habits.

Paul Baxter, chief executive of The Green Insurer, said: “Expanding our panel of insurers shortly after launch is a major endorsement for The Green Insurer and it is particularly significant that it is a leading insurer, such as LV= General Insurance, that has partnered with us.

“Our target is to have a panel of five or six insurers offering quotes and the reaction from the industry has been extremely positive, as has the response from customers who are concerned about the environment.”

Green demand

Meanwhile, the firm also noted that recent research showed motorists were becoming increasingly aware of their impact on the environment and were cutting their miles driven each year as a result.

The Viewsbank survey of 1,135 adults aged 18-plus – including 888 car owners – showed that 53% of drivers were becoming more aware of their impact on the environment compared to the previous year.

Around 28% of respondents also said they planned to drive fewer miles in the next 12 months.

Baxter previously told Insurance Times that he felt insurers were becoming more interested in environmentally-friendly policies for the motor market given telematics solutions would be adopted by a broader range of drivers – and reduce risk in turn.

“They like it from a risk angle – with people driving and wanting to offset their emissions as well as be monitored and use telematics, that is a good thing,” Baxter added.

“You are getting telematics into the hands of standard drivers as well as young drivers.”