’We have built a strong and ongoing structure for the identification of what needs to be changed and to deliver that change,’ says director of digital trading

Aviva’s fast trade platform securing five years of five stars in Insurance Times’ eTrading surveys is down to the ability to blend evolution with significant transformation in its digital offering.

That is according to David Hockey, Aviva’s director of digital trading, who says the award is a recognition of the work the insurer has undertaken to make eTrading as simple and efficient for its brokers and their clients as possible.

The 2023 Insurance Times eTrading survey saw Aviva receive five stars in the insurer extranet star ratings for a fifth consecutive year, retaining first place in the rankings.

Aviva also scored five stars for the second year in a row in the insurer via software house star ratings, taking second place in the rankings.

“We are absolutely delighted and proud of our achievement once again,” Hockey says.

“It is a track record over the last five years that we are really pleased to have built.

“It is very much down to our ability to deliver consistency for our brokers.”

Hockey explains that securing its ratings is down to “creating a clear investment strategy to ensure that we invest in our digital capabilities”.

”That investment is in teams and resources to continue to deliver our digital focus and the consistency that brokers have demanded,” he says.

“We have built a strong and ongoing structure for the identification of what needs to be changed and to deliver that change.

”It really is all about improving our brokers’ experience.”


Hockey says that this cannot be a ‘one and done’ situation around the investment.

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He continues that a balance needs to be struck between the significant and transformational improvements and the ongoing incremental improvements.

“It is not just about major change,” explains Hockey.

“This year we have major changes, such as the commercial combined product.

”It has seen broader change in terms of what it can do, its trade offering, covers, limits and the client journey.

“However, continuous improvement and change, which may be in smaller areas, is also crucial.

”By that, I mean all the smaller things that brokers have told us they want to see adapted or changed to improve the way they can interact with us.

“The balance between the big investments and continual improve has to be struck.” 


Aviva Fast Trade also received its highest score in usability and trading ease and it is a point that resonates with Hockey.

“Our digital trade team is always looking at ways that we can improve what we offer,” he says.

“It is our services model and service offering that underpins the ease of experience. Our digital trade team understand that we need to be there for brokers in order to support them at the right moment.

“The ability to show up at the right time and in the right way is crucial to our success.”

In the survey, many brokers expressed frustration with insurers over reliance towards technology to solve insurance questions and referrals.

However, this is an area that Hockey says Aviva has worked hard in to ensure this was not the case.

“It comes down to striking the right balance,” he continues.

“We have added 40 underwriters to the team in the past 12 months.

“Expertise and service is paramount. It is about how you utilise people in the right way.”

He adds that forcasting is “key” for the insurer.

“[We] improve the technology, but brokers also need to have access to underwriters when they need them,” he says.

“We will continually look to forecast future demand and the growth and recruit and train staff in order to have the capabilities to meet the levels of demand we believe we will face in six months’ time.”