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    Groupama clearout aimed at brokers


    Laurent Matras moves to improve communication

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    Lost in translation


    Grappling with insurance in a strange country and in a different language can be overwhelming for many new immigrants. So why is the industry not serving them better?

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    Break the shackles


    Consolidation was the name of the game during the past five years but this trend has not always produced a better experience for clients, so with many covenant agreements coming to an end brokers are returning to the market. Danny Walkinshaw reports

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    The whistleblower’s lament


    Paul Moore, the former HBOS staffer turned whistleblower, believes a coalition of powerful forces is determined to hide the truth of last year’s banking crisis. He tells Nathan Skinner that none of his allegations has been properly investigated and that to ask the FSA to rebuild supervisory policy is like ...

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    Fasten your safety-belts…


    Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse, along comes swine flu to knock us all for six. So what can insurers expect – a near miss, some scary turbulence or a full-scale emergency landing? Saxon East takes us through the possible scenarios

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    Check this out


    Tesco, which has just reported record profits, is about to open the first of 30 in-store bank branches. With plans to expand its insurance range, should brokers be concerned that a High Street giant is muscling in on their territory? Lauren MacGillivray investigates the importance of the personal touch.

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    The new regime surfaces at last


    Insurers must start planning now to implement Solvency II by 2012, with the legislation almost on the statute book. It is expected to provide a global benchmark for insurance regulation. But with provision for multinational groups removed, will it still meet industry needs?

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    The pain in your pay packet


    While some insurers and brokers are still rewarding top performers, others have responded to the downturn by resorting to pay freezes and pension cuts. Katie Puckett reports on a new era of payout pragmatism

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    The risks around the corner


    From HRT, flu and obesity to terrorists and pirates, the rising tide of emerging risks encompasses everyday pressures and extreme circumstances. Saxon East outlines the 10 areas of concern, global and close to home, where insurers would do well to keep a watching brief

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    Back on the map


    Consolidators have dominated the broking landscape for years, but now it’s the independent regional outfits that are attracting all the attention. Ellen Bennett reports on the resurgence of the broker barons

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    Does it hit the mark?


    Fair-value or mark-to-market accounting is costing financial institutions billions on paper – and can seriously hurt them in the real world too. Angelique Ruzicka finds out why insurers say the system is particularly unfair on them and what they’re doing about it

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    MGAs: is it the end of the line?


    Some major insurers want to cut out the middlemen. Chris Giles, for one, plans to expand his agency. Ellen Bennett asks who will fall and who will survive

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    Under pressure


    How does the insurance industry cope when the pound slides against the value of the dollar? Angelique Ruzicka finds out

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    Shock to the heart


    Its American parent is being broken up, staff are leaving and it has been accused of undercutting its rivals. Saxon East finds out how brokers feel about a turbulent week at AIG UK

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    Swiss Re: after the £500m loss


    Its chief executive has left and its credit ratings are tumbling. Angelique Ruzicka asks if a cash injection from Warren Buffett and a pledge to go ‘back to basics’ will be enough to persuade insurers and brokers to place business with the reinsurer

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    Quinn: the inside story


    It has been fined millions by the Irish regulator, withdrawn from credit rating and restructured its board. And then there were those market rumours about its future in the UK. Insurance Times asks, what’s really going on at Quinn?

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    Rates: it’s not what you think


    We keep hearing that the hard market is coming. But, in the first of a quarterly series, research from software house Acturis reveals the situation is a little more difficult to predict

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    'Show us what you've got'


    Insurance hasn’t always been the most attractive option for wealthy individuals keen to splash their cash. But in this tough market, more and more real 'dragons' are expressing an interest. Michael Faulkner investigates. Illustration by Jonathan Edwards

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    The new world


    He promised change, but how will President Obama deliver? Angelique Ruzicka looks at his economic to-do list – and how it will affect your business

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    Would you insure the doomsday machine?


    Radiation exposure, electromagnetic fields, 100,000 computers, 2,500 scientists – oh, and a piece of equipment that some think might destroy the world. Katie Puckett travels to Geneva to meet the boffins and the insurers behind the Cern laboratory and its Large Hadron Collider