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    The last straw


    Tough new tax measures from the IMF aim to catch even the most risk-averse insurers, in the same net as banks. As the industry lobbies next month’s G20 for exemption and urges the government to water down the proposals, will common sense prevail?

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    No pain, no gain?


    A grey cloud still looms over Solvency II, as feared market instability and confusion over how it will work leaves the industry feeling less than sunny. But will the long-term pros be worth the short-term cons? Insurance Times zipped over to Brussels to hear the latest talks

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    A hard market on the horizon


    As first-quarter results rolled in, so did fresh calls for a hike in prices. Yet a hard market continues to evade the industry, as even the recent UK floods and freezes failed to turn things around. Is the seven-year cycle of one-size-fits-all raising and lowering a thing of the past? ...

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    The Quinn files


    UK brokers have already shunned Quinn Insurance once this year, leaving the troubled insurer at the mercy of the Irish regulator. With Quinn now allowed to re-open for limited UK trading and its workers lobbying for full reinstatement, the market is asking whether it can rescue its reputation

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    Crawford roundtable: After the floods


    Claims experts at a recent roundtable in the City of London tackled the minefield of issues surrounding crisis management

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    L&G roundtable: Public image limited


    Lumped in with the banks, and accused of trying to wriggle out of paying claims, the insurance industry is suffering from a fairly bad reputation. Our latest roundtable looked at how to restore some much-needed consumer confidence

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    When the dust has settled


    While volcanic ash halted air travel across Europe, anger boiled over among travellers and businesses, as some insurers avoided paying out on policies. Others paid up rather than take the customer relations hit. Demand is now rising for volcano-friendly products, but will customers be willing to pay for them?

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    Back on track?


    Commercial combined and packages got off to a sluggish start, although motor was steady. But at least property owners managed an early sprint in this year’s first-quarter premiums

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    A new era for Marsh


    What happens now Marsh has finally sealed the deal on its £135m HSBC Insurance Brokers takeover

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    Time on our hands?


    The clock is ticking on the deadline for Solvency II. At the Insurance Times roundtable, there were calls for pragmatism and cool heads, mixed with worries about costs and fears over getting bogged down with detail

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    The only broker in Baghdad


    With the constant threat of violence and crippling security costs, most brokers view Iraq as a no-go area. But one – Culver – has gone there. Partner-in-situ Jonathan Biles talks about living and working in a war zone and the opportunities he sees in the rebuild

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    Collision course


    The cost to the insurance industry of accidents caused by uninsured drivers is around £400m a year, and the human cost is incalculable. With the proportion of uninsured vehicles reaching 13% in some regions in the UK, the pressure is on to get tough on uninsured drivers – and save ...

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    What’s the alternative? Insurers diversify their investments


    Allianz plans to double investment in non-traditional assets as more insurers see the benefits of looking beyond the stock market

  • The FSCS's proposed levy hike for 2010/11
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    For FSCS sake


    The recession has put a lot of pressure on insurance brokers, and the Financial Services Compensation Scheme is about to pile on a whole lot more. With some firms citing levy increases of around 600%, it’s time to say ‘enough is enough’

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    The great investor


    Despite turning 80 later this year, Warren Buffett has no intention of slowing down if his recent stake in Munich Re is anything to go by. Here, we look at Buffett’s sprawling business empire, and where he may go next

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    Bargain hunt


    As the market pulls itself together again, the mood is switching back to mergers and acquisitions. But while prices have come tumbling down since 2006/07, it’s likely to be a less frenetic picture this time around

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    One man’s fight against the FSA


    Stephen Allen went straight to the FSA when he found there was a serious shortfall in his firm’s client account. So how come the authority later banned him for failing in his duties as a director?

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    Breaking through


    The past two years of economic turmoil have damaged leading insurers, and their GWP – and, for some, their place in the ranks of the top 10 – has tumbled. Now, as the UK stutters towards recovery, they’re having to watch their flanks as a new battalion moves in on ...

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    Broking on a budget


    Far from being able to raise rates, insurers are currently faced with a client base that is shopping smarter – demanding competitive premiums and even cutting back on cover. In these belt-tightening times, insurers and brokers must accept that every little helps

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    Taking no prisoners


    The much-anticipated Jackson Review is in, and not everyone is happy. Cracking down on legal expenses firms and the claims farmers he calls ‘abhorrent’, Lord Jackson is here to whip personal injury litigation into shape