WTW recognises cyber risk exposure is a growing concern in general aviation 

Willis Towers Watson (WTW) corporate risk and broking has launched the Airport Risk Community (ARC) in a bid to identify and deal with common industry dangers by connecting airports globally.

It said that managing the airport risk landscape effectively, which includes runways, lounges and gates, needs “the engagement and collective expertise of the sector.”

And the global broker recognised cyber risk as a growing concern for the industry.

It new initiative was announced at the firm’s Airport Risk conference today in the Netherlands, discussing how the airport sector can build operational resilience, support sustainability and innovation.

John Rooley, chief executive of global aerospace at Willis Towers Watson, said: “The launch of ARC is indicative of our role as a leading airport industry risk adviser and demonstrates Willis Towers Watson commitment to enhancing client engagement and enabling our clients to share best practice, risk mitigation strategies and identify emerging people and asset risks alongside innovative solutions.”

The purpose of ARC is to connect groups of professionals worldwide to share knowledge, data and insight through events and help the industry understand actions to take in the event of risk.

WTW has carried out detailed sector research of the industry to find out the main risks. In February this year it launched Aerospace Cyber Guard, a tailored cyber insurance solution for the industry.

AIG provides aviation and aerospace insurance as well as Marsh.