It remains “fully committed” to its strategy to provide a quality service to brokers 

Allianz will be closing two offices, in Woking and Luton, in a bid to continue evolving in a competitive environment and cater to changes in local market dynamics.

Ninety-seven employees in total will be put at risk of redundancy, its employees from both offices have been briefed and the business will now enter a 45-day collective consultation process to discuss the proposals.

Should the proposal go ahead, the two offices will close on 30 September, leaving brokers to be serviced by offices in London, Chelmsford, Birmingham, Maidstone and Southhampton.

It follows recent news of Allianz opening its Newcastle premises, in a bid to make it easier for broker facing business to take place.

The insurer’s general manager in commercial and personal lines, Simon McGinn, said that he cannot stress “strongly enough” that “Allianz remains fully committed to its strategy providing a quality service to brokers” where it is central to a sustainable local market.”

Allianz has communicated the proposal to brokers and made it clear that it should go ahead.

He added: “We have robust plans in place to maintain the high levels of service they have come to expect from Allianz.”


The proposals also include the creation of 75 new roles across different locations, redeploying as many people as possible will be its key objective. The Woking branch has a small credit management team that will join other finance colleagues in Guildford.

McGinn concluded: “These proposals will bring a short period of uncertainty to the people in these locations during which we will do everything we can to support them. This proposal is not in any way a reflection on my colleagues working at Woking and Luton or the business results they have achieved but is a necessary decision as part of our focus on efficient transformation.”