The insurtech’s chief executive says that he hopes to offer more products to Aviva’s customers in sports, leisure and business

Aviva has joined forces with insurtech Ripe on a cycling insurance product that will allow the insurer’s customers to build policies that match their cycling needs.

It will allow customers to access the product through the Aviva website or MyAviva customer portal, where they will be directed to Ripe’s specialist bicycle insurance brand, Cycleplan.

This is the first initiative where Aviva is promoting Ripe products to its customers, since the insurtech signed a five-year capacity deal with Aviva in 2019.

Speaking about the partnership, Paul Williams, chief executive at Ripe, said: “We partnered with Aviva because of the exciting prospect of accessing their channels to distribute our products. We’re thrilled that Cycleplan is our first Ripe product on the Aviva website. Our next plan is to offer Cycleplan through the Aviva app.

“It made sense to start with Cycleplan, given the recent boom in cycling. We’ve seen a huge demand for cycle insurance, increasing by 230 per cent since the first government lockdown last year. Moving forward, we hope to offer more Ripe products in the sport, leisure and business sectors to Aviva’s customers.”

It follows cycling insurance seeing an uptick in searches during lockdown

Mobile e-commerce experience

Product add-ons include legal expenses cover and loss of earnings insurance, which protects a customer if they incur an injury while cycling and are subsequently unable to work.

Owen Morris, managing director, personal lines, at Aviva added: “Through our partnership with Ripe and Cycleplan we can now offer a specialist insurtech solution in this growing sector.

“Cycleplan is a well-known and trusted brand that will complement our wider home insurance offering. Its insurtech model means our customers will enjoy a fully mobile-enabled e-commerce experience and can get a quote in just a few clicks.”