The integration of 750 new staff following the acquisition has been a ‘huge success’, says distribution development director

RSA has reassured brokers that they won’t see any real differences as a result of the insurer migrating policyholders and policies from NIG and FarmWeb onto its systems.

RSA initially announced it had bought the two brands from Direct Line Group in September 2023 – the deal formally completed in May 2024.

In an online briefing for brokers on 18 June 2024, RSA confirmed that it had begun the migration of NIG and FarmWeb policies onto RSA paper, with its distribution development director Laura Fox revealing that the insurer had migrated a limited number of policies from 24 May 2024, which was earlier than originally scheduled.

She said: “The aim was to ensure that we can derisk the process and test the systems before we look to push volumes though.”

The first NIG and FarmWeb policies for renewal will officially move to RSA paper from 24 June 2024. Then, by 15 July 2024, around 80% of the brands’ business will have been migrated to be underwritten by RSA.

Fox said the only real change brokers may spot will be a slight increase in policy wordings, to make it clear that RSA was now the underwriter of the risk. She added that there would be no changes in the quote and placement process.

Additionally, NIG and FarmWeb policyholders that would like to pay via direct debit will be moved to a new scheme, which will be operated by RSA’s existing provider – Premium Credit.

“There are some changes [for those who want to pay via direct debit], but these have been driven by market-wide regulatory requirements rather than any issues with the migration to a new provider,” Fox said.

“Clients will be required to sign a new credit agreement with Premium Credit and there will be a requirement for additional data.

“We will not ask for brokers to provide any client data we already have on the system, but we expect [the additional data that we need would be the same] that you would provide to other insurers, or that you will have readily at hand.”

Fox added that RSA was also working on the annual percentage rate (APR) in the new credit agreements.

“We are confident that APR will be comparable to other insurers,” she said. “We have worked with Premium Credit to provide a competitive and fit for purpose solution for our customers.”

A seamless transition

Fox hailed the integration of the NIG and FarmWeb staff into RSA as a success.

“May [2024] saw the coming together of 750 new colleagues,” she explained. “I can say that the integration was a huge success. All 750 were provided with new technology, access to RSA systems and were all paid.

“Our new colleagues are vital to our ability to support our brokers and clients though this period of change. As we migrate our customers, we are keen to ensure that it is done seamlessly.”