The survey revealed an uptick up in bad driving habits during lockdown 

British motorists let their driving standards slip during lockdown, with new research revealing a surge in bad driving habits whilst the roads were less busy.

A survey of 2,003 British motorists carried out by Motoring Offence Lawyers found that more than half (52%) of UK drivers admitted to speeding during lockdown and 19% had admitted to using a phone behind the wheel, with some 47% saying they believe the roads have been safer recently due to the lower levels of traffic.

Bad Driving

Source: Motoring Offence Lawyers

Despite this perceived increase in safety, motor insurance claims have been on the increase in recent weeks.

Research from Admiral found that motor insurance claims in England had climbed by 39% in the two weeks following the easing of lockdown restrictions, while Wales saw a 3% increase and Scotland a 12% increase over the same period

Lorna Connelly, head of claims at, Admiral, said: Whilst the current volumes of claims for accidental damage from motorists remains low, we’ve found the number of incidents reported to us has started to rise as lockdown measures have eased. This suggests that as more motorists return to the roads the likelihood of road accidents will also increase.”

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