’It shows our commitment to maintaining a presence both within and outside of London,’ says founder

Gambit Partners and the Insurance Cultural Awareness Network (iCAN) have opened a new joint office in Leicester.

The two firms were founded with the help of Ajay Mistry, who told Insurance Times that bringing them together under one roof outside of London was a “strategic decision” and helped with expansion plans.

iCAN is an independent multi-cultural network for inclusion in the insurance industry, whereas Gambit Partners is a digital marketing consultancy for startups and small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs). 

Speaking at the Insurtech Insights conference, Mistry founder of Gambit Partners and co-founder of Ican, said opening a new office for the two firms was a ”milestone”.

“This is a significant milestone because these two businesses started out as ideas whilst I was working in corporate roles.

”Gambit Partners is now nearly two-years-old and iCAN is seven-years-old, they are truly brilliant profitable businesses.

“Choosing Leicester as our base was strategic, bridging the gap between our teams in London and the Midlands and following the successful launches of iCAN Birmingham and Manchester. It shows our commitment to maintaining a presence both within and outside of London.”


The move came after Mistry felt a more collaborative workspace for the two firms was needed, with face-to-face contact becoming more important as they grow.

For example, Gambit Partners has grown in staff since 2022, meaning that the business had to change from focusing on virtual processes to being flexible with hybrid work arrangements.

“We started with being fully virtual to accommodate all needs – but as Gambit Partners has developed into an insurance firm marketing specialist, and iCAN growing into a full-fledged business, the necessity for a more collaborative workspace became obvious,” Mistry said.

“It also highlights my belief in the importance of face-to-face interaction in nurturing team’s potential and solidifying our presence in the industry.”