’I am confident that we will be able to offer a seamless transition,’ says managing director

Malago Insurance Brokers has acquired Mulberry Insurance Brokers as part of plans to expand its client base, a statement released today (2 January 2024) said.

Mulberry, which was formed in 2015, specialises in commercial lines products across the energy, construction, marine and finance sectors.

Bristol-based Malago, which also specialises in commercial insurance, said that acquiring the firm would add “an extra layer of continuity” to its service.

Clients of Mulberry will see current policies run until renewal, at which point Malago will be in touch under the Malago brand.

Malago managing director Mathew Rowles said he was “really pleased” to add more customers to his firm’s portfolio.

“Our values at Malago, and indeed our existing client base, bear strong similarities to Mulberry’s, so I am confident that we will be able to offer a seamless transition,” he added.


The acquisition came following Mulberry director Keith Johnson announcing his plans to retire.

Before retiring, Johnson will briefly join the Malago team to help achieve a smooth transition.

“After more than 40 years, the bitter-sweet moment has arrived when I have decided to retire,” Johnson said.

“It was not an easy decision as I have enjoyed my role so much. Building up relationships with my clients was crucial to me and I was conscious to leave them in safe hands.

“With a similar client base and values, Mathew at Malago is just that.”

Rowles added: “We will continue to offer service to Keith’s clients in the same way that they appreciated it from him – with an emphasis on the personal touch and getting to know each business and their owners.

“This will be a natural fit because it is the very way we look after our own clients already”.