The service is aimed at reducing the risk of Covid-19 for staff returning to offices post-lockdown as well as making sure unoccupied properties are secure and checked

Managing General Agent Magenta Insurance has unveiled an inspection and decontamination service to provide a solution for brokers, independent financial advisers and insurers to overcome challenges posed by coronavirus. 

The purpose of this service is to inspect unoccupied properties. In addition, Magenta is also offering a decontamination service for businesses returning to the office, as well as those re-opening holiday homes, shops, hotels and salons post-lockdown to lower the risk by making the premises safe and secure.

Businesses will receive a certificate once the property has been decontaminated or inspected on a general basis.

Magenta Insurance chairman Catherine Bell told Insurance Times: “The most important thing for someone whose house is unoccupied is peace of mind when it cannot be checked.

For many this may be an ongoing challenge for months to come. We have created an inspection service where qualified inspectors attend homes and check that the property is secure, empty the water tank, seal the letterbox, turn off the water and check all the perimeters.” This will be qualified with a certificate.

Positive change 

Bell said that the insurance industry has a lot of work ahead following the Covid-19 crisis and hopes that this type of initiative will play a small part in helping clients manage their homes businesses and property by mitigating risks wherever possible.

She said: ”The true nature and scale of today’s risks, especially those unforeseen like Covid-19 will need to be fully reviewed and considered very carefully.

”There will be significant challenges for some to overcome, and opportunities for others who find innovative and new ways to respond to those challenges.

”We are optimistic that with services such as these being offered to help brokers and client’s pro-actively look after their property that we can help to drive some positive change.”

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