The main driver for giving back is making a difference

More than half of brokers (55%) state that making a positive contribution to society is a priority for their company, according to new research by  Ecclesiastical.

Exactly 58% believe positive contribution will enhance their reputation among customers, while 61% believe it will place them in employee’s good books.

The top five ways for brokers to contribute involve:

  • Supporting a charity (61%)
  • Sponsoring a club or team (46%)
  • Providing work experience opportunities (37%)
  • Becoming a member of a business forum (35%) 
  • Partnering with a community group or school (24%).

One in five brokers are not doing anything extracurricular to support their community.

One third, however, are looking for support and guidance to help them grow their contribution.

Ecclesiastical commercial director Adrian Saunders said: “We know, from our own experience as the only financial services group with a charitable purpose, that the positive impact we’re making to communities motivates and attracts staff and resonates with our brokers and customers.

“We want to demonstrate that it’s possible to be commercially successful while giving something back to society.”

Benefiting brokers

For brokers, the main driver for ‘giving back’ is making a difference (71%).

Among brokers with a charity partner, 84% chose company fundraising, 54% volunteer and 48% prefer match-funding.

One in four brokers have committed to volunteering in 2022.

Health charities are the most popular choice, followed by children and young people.

Considering tools to enhance brokers’ contribution to society, Adrian said: “For many, they want more insight into how best to engage with community and charity groups and support them in the most beneficial way.”

Ecclesiastical, owned by charity Allchurches Trust, has therefore produced a guide for charities and businesses titled Corporate partnerships and Covid: lessons from the pandemic.

The survey involved 200 UK brokers and was conducted during September 2021.


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