’We are seeing an increased interest from insurers and MGAs in extending their distribution via imarket,’ says head

Polaris has revealed that Bravo Digital Trader has become the fifth broker system to use Imarket.

Bravo Digital Trader was launched by Bravo Networks in March 2024 and has been designed to connect network members with eTrade panels in a bid to broaden digital placement opportunities.

Now that it is using Imarket, which is Polaris’ commercial digital trading solution, Bravo members are set to have more choice on how they digitally.

“As an industry-owned organisation, imarket’s purpose over the last 20 years has always been to allow insurers and brokers to trade more effectively,” Polaris’ head of imarket Simon Bloomfield said.

“The recent launch of Bravo Digital Trader increases Bravo members’ choice on how they digitally trade and compare products from insurers and we’re really proud to have supported such an important launch.”


Bravo Digital Trader offers a bespoke user interface and provides real-time updates during the quote process.

The service also aims to improve trading efficiency by integrating third-party data and introducing more targeted question sets.

Its use of Imarket comes following more interest from insurers and managing general agents (MGAs) in extending their distribution via imarket.

“We are seeing an increased interest from insurers and MGAs in extending their distribution via Imarket into new and existing distribution channels and we hope to announce more integrations into imarket in due course,” Bloomfield said.

Rob Flynn, RSA’s commercial lines chief transformation director added: “Using imarket to support this commercial distribution initiative has helped us get product to the market in a speedy and consistent way.

”We look forward to continuing to work with Bravo to develop their Digital Trader proposition over the coming months.”