The driver’s score is portable and can be traded for cheaper insurance 

ThingCo has launched a connected car service called Theo in a bid to shift the balance of power between drivers and their insurers.

The ‘super dash cam’ includes an ADAS (advanced driver assistance systems) enabled high definition camera with night vision, AI powered voice and telematics in a single device linked to an app.

Mike Brockman, chief executive of ThingCo told Insurance Times: “It can do everything a dash cam can do and its like turning your vehicle into a smart car.

“You can speak to it and it can speak to you.”

For example, in the event of an accident it has the capability to interact with you and ask about injuries.

The insurtech also announced that it will soon launch in-car road warning and accident hazards such as notice about accident black spots, therefore supporting new or less confident drivers.

It will also announce its access to a selected panel of insurers soon.

Rather than rely on video footage alone, a crash algorithm is used, it sends a voice message to the customer using Amazon Lex technology to confirm if there has been an accident, while the telematics data and video footage validate the circumstances of the accident.

The industry veteran previously founded the telematics insurer, Insurethebox, in 2009.

He added that this was just the start of ThingCo’s mission which is “to put motorists of all ages and experience in greater control of their safety, their insurance, their claims experience, through their driving data.”

Brockman is not the first telematics firm with the aim to empower its policyholders through driving data. 

What can it do?

Theo includes four types of technology in one device – ADAS, a high definition camera with night vision, AI powered voice function and telematics.

It provides:

  • Personalised App
  • Control over your data and how to use it
  • Instant feedback on journeys and historical log
  • Personalised driving scores for each 100-mile block of trips
  • In-Car Voice Activated accident alert
  • Theo Accident Help Service
  • Rewards and incentives
  • Games and Competitions
  • Instant downloads of video sections

He explained: “At ThingCo we are on a mission through Theo, to empower drivers through their driving data.”

That starts with giving them the tools to make their driving safer through state-of-the-art road safety technology – ADAS, Telematics, AI powered intelligent voice and video footage.”

Brockman explained what makes Theo different from any other technology on the market.

“But what makes Theo fundamentally different from any technology offered by an insurer or motor manufacturer is that we will act completely in the interests of the driver,” he said.

“We will support them if they have a claim, with the customer’s permission utilise the evidence from Theo to prove their innocence and in the future, we will give them access to competitive insurance based on their driving data. In essence, we will have their back.”

For a small subscription fee of around £4.99 per month the device has the ability to collect approximately 1000 pieces of driving data per second. Brockman aims to make this work in favour of policyholders by promoting safe driving and empowering them

It can also play adverts through the device, which ThingCo hopes to offer to customers in return for a discount fee that can be applied to their subscription.

Theo has the ability to guide customers through the claims process, assisting, where possible, with the provision of a hire vehicle, repair and legal services.


But he flagged as the device is completely independent there are a fewer hacking and security risks at play.

Brockman added: “Using the Theo app, customers can track their driving behaviour, plan and review their trips, manage insurance claims, receive rewards and incentives and, they will soon be able to share their driving score, through a comparison tool on the Theo app, for insurance quotes.”

The app log’s each users’ driver score which is portable meaning it can be traded for cheaper insurance.