We are reading every week now about the problems of either placing liability risks or the premiums for them.

Do your readers not think it is time to educate the people (judges) who make these, in some instances, absolutely ridiculous awards to claimants. We are living in such a nanny state where the government is trying to tell us how to do everything, that no one is prepared to take responsibility and say: "It was my own stupid fault."

Take the case of the American who purchased a brand-new 42-foot Winnebago. Travelling down the freeway, he sets the cruise control... and leaves the driver's seat to make some coffee. Needless to say, the Winnie crashes, he sues Winnebago and is awarded $1,750,000 and a new Winnie because the handbook didn't say he couldn't do this! Come on chaps, enough is enough, what do we do?

Roger Hind,
Roger Hind General Insurance,