’As the nature of risks evolve, so must we,’ says business development and partnerships director

Brokerslink has added cyber security business McAfee to its network.

McAfee provides a variety of cyber security services to clients, such as antivirus, mobile security, virtual private network (VPN), web protection, personal data cleanup and identity monitoring.

By integrating McAfee’s expertise into its network, Brokerslink aims to transform how businesses address cyber risk mitigation.

It will do this by enhancing its partners’ and affiliates’ capabilities in safeguarding clients against evolving cyber threats.

Anne Collette, business development and partnerships director at Brokerslink, said: “McAfee is a globally recognised business synonymous with cybersecurity. 

”As the nature of risks evolve, so must we, broadening the scope of what we do as a broking network to address these risks with innovative shared solutions.”

B.Tech affiliate

McAfee will join the broker network as a B.Tech affiliate firm.

Brokerslink opened its network to non-broking or risk consulting firms in 2022, with such businesses being given the B.Tech title if they join.

These firms often offer existing partners and affiliates more access to new areas of digital expertise and technology solutions.

Shery D’Silva, McAfee’s global business development director, said: “McAfee is committed to continuous innovation to better protect privacy, identity and personal information while bringing truth, trust and transparency to the forefront of your online experience.

”One of the many ways we innovate is by partnering with organisations to broaden access to our range of privacy protection services.

“We’re pleased to be doing so with Brokerslink and their global network of partners and affiliates.”