’Static caravans are particularly susceptible to damage from storms or floods,’ says managing director

Specialist caravan and leisure insurance provider Compass saw a 16% increase in claims caused by storm damage between 2021 and 2022, according to stats released today (23 August 2023).

During 2022, 32% of Compass’ static caravan claims were due to storm damage. In one example, an entire static caravan was destroyed during a storm, resulting in a £148,590 claim.

The insurer explained that “due to the effects of climate change” claims have the potential to increase in the coming years and stressed that it was important for caravan owners to purcahse insurance for protection.

Karen Stacey, managing director of Compass, explained: “Unlike bricks and mortar holiday homes, static caravans are particularly susceptible to damage from storms or floods.

“Unpredictable weather events, especially flash floods caused by heavy rain on parched ground during the summer, can cause a significant amount of damage to static caravans.”

Climate change

Compass’ warning followed after the Met Office said earlier this year (2 July 2023) that July 2023 was “one of the wettest on record, with many parks across the country also being impacted by unseasonably windy weather, with gusts of up to 55mph recorded in Devon, Gwynedd and Northumberland”.

Analysis of claims data by Compass highlighted that that, in 2022, storms such as Dudley, Eunice and Franklin resulted in an increase in the number of claims for storm damage, up more than 2,000% on the previous year.

Stacey added: “We know caravan parks do everything they can to protect the units on their site all year round, but freak storms and the damage they cause are somewhat out of their control.

“Caravan owners should make sure that they have adequate insurance for their unit and take the time to do regular maintenance to ensure any damage is kept to a minimum.”