The portal will serve as an online resource on all vehicles in the UK

Auto Windscreens has launched a new advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) portal to support customers with information and assisted and self-driving vehicle technologies.

The Markerstudy-owned automotive glazing firm claims it has been designed to be the “go-to” resource site.

It’s managing director Rupert Armitage told Insurance Times: “The portal is there as a tool for information, it will carry news, manufacturer announcements as well as basic data on every model vehicle in the UK.

“Over the past 18 months we have had much more of an engagement with the underwriters and insurers that we work with.” 

But he added it’s an ongoing process. 

The portal will allow consumers to get the ADAS specification on any vehicle in the UK.

“So, if you were an insurer or an underwriter and you wanted to see what a standard fit was on an Audi A6, you would go on the portal and see all the ADAS systems fitted as standard to the factory,” he explained.

What is ADAS?

ADAS is a series of systems developed to automate, adapt and enhance the safety of vehicles and therefore create better driving.

This means that the car has smart features such as rear-view cameras to aid parking, lane departure warning (LDW) that can detect a vehicle’s surroundings, as well as autonomous emergency braking (AEB).

Reducing claims

Armitage continued: “As the miles clock up on vehicles fitted with ADAS hopefully that data will be useful to insurers to determine the true cost of insuring vehicles and whether these systems are actually reducing accidents and therefore the cost of claims.”

The ADAS are designed to look through a specific manufactured piece of glass.

“There is already anecdotal evidence that automatic emergency braking is reducing front to rear speed collisions by 20-30%.

“Obviously if you are an insurer and you are insuring vehicles with that feature fitted, that cost of claims should fall,” Armitage added.

The glass repair and replacement firm work with nearly every single insurer on the market and serves the UK and Northern Ireland with approximately 300 technicians on the road and 60 sites.

It covers retail insurance for both cars and fleets and was established over 25 years ago, but has been owned by Markerstudy for the last seven years.