The initiative hopes to tap into the pools of both school leavers and university graduates

The London Market Group (LMG) has launched a long-term campaign in the UK with the aim of turning speciality insurance into a more popular career choice for graduates and school leavers.

Matthew Moore, chair of the LMG, said this is a key move for the group as “commercial speciality insurance is [currently] not a destination career for entrants into the job market”.

This is because the “industry has historically been poor at explaining the variety and interest of roles that exist here and the fact that it is a well-rewarded and exciting place to work”, he added.

To change this, LMG’s campaign will look to build visibility at universities via an outreach programme that would offer risk, insurance and finance courses during the 2022-23 academic year.

This would also involve building relationships with course tutors, careers offices, university societies and brand ambassadors. 

LMG also plans to engage school leavers and has partnered with Visionpath, an organisation that works to improve social mobility in early careers by targeting sixth formers in 50 schools around the M25 motorway. 

The organisation hopes this will expand into an academy that could potentially be hosted in the London market during Summer 2023.

Expanding outreach

Moore said: “The London market needs to tell a better story through channels that engage young people. We have started that journey this month, but it requires consistent focus over the medium term to make a real difference.”

LMG chief executive Caroline Wagstaff added: “Our objective is simple. Over the next three to five years, we want to see a greater awareness of this industry amongst those seeking their first full-time job.

“This, in turn, should increase the flow of applications for early years roles – building a bigger pipeline of talent into the market. Having engaged their interest, we need to make it easy for them to find jobs in one place”.