’Having a presence in the UK is strategic given that it is the centre of the insurance universe,’ firm says

American mergers and acquisitions (M&A) advisory firm MarshBerry has acquired Imas as part of plans to expand into the UK, a statement released today (11 October 2023) said.

UK-based Imas is a M&A advisory firm that offers its services to the insurance and wealth sectors.

MarshBerry, which provides its services to insurance brokers, said it was acquiring the firm as part of plans to expand across Europe, with it currently having offices in the Nehterlands, France and Germany.

It told Insurance Times that acquiring Imas “fills a geographic hole” as it gave the firm a new UK base that complemented its existing presence in Europe.

“This strategic move aligns seamlessly with our growth strategy of enhancing our portfolio of solutions to serve clients across the globe,” John Wepler, MarshBerry chairman and chief executive, added.

“By joining forces with Imas, we are combining our strengths and expertise in data rich insights and market perspectives to create a powerhouse of M&A advisory services in the industry.

“Together, we will forge new paths, drive unparalleled value for our clients and cement our position as a market leader in the UK and across Europe.”

’Quality partners’

Imas has been owned by its partners since 1992.

MarshBerry said that the partners at Imas would remain integral to MarshBerry as leaders, advisors and stockholders.

“While having a presence in the UK is strategic given that it is the centre of the insurance universe, the decision [to do the deal] was really made given the quality of our new partners at Imas,” MarshBerry told Insurance Times.

Olly Laughton-Scott, Imas founding partner, added: “MarshBerry recognises the strength of our operations and the innovative approach that has defined our success thus far while adding unparalled access to US and EU based international investors, new resources and services and a strong market position, all of which we can bring to our insurance and wealth management clients.

“We are confident that combining our proven processes and collective expertise will result in an even more robust and competitive entity, poised for remarkable growth and success.”