’It gives them complete transparency and means they can access data insights quickly and efficiently,’ says manager 

The Movo Partnership has announced the launch of its integration with Quote Portal, a move that will see managing general agents (MGAs) have direct distribution to hundreds of brokers.

The portal is an independent quoting hub for open market general insurance products with an integrated underwriting platform.

It also allows for interactive exchange directly between brokers and insurers.

In a statement announcing the launch today (24 April 2023), Movo said the cloud-based platform will aim to “efficiently increase insurer and MGA distribution”.

The insurance broker network added that through the portal, MGAs will have direct distribution to nearly 300 brokers in the Movo network.

Jordan De Saa, broking and insurer relationship manager at Movo, said the company was “very excited” to launch the portal.

“Bringing these powerful data insights and EDI quoting capabilities in house will be equally transformative for our brokers needing access to market leading and niche products as it will be for those MGAs and insurers trading with Movo brokers – opening up wholly new distribution opportunities,” he added.

’More transparent’

The portal will initially have a suite of products from a panel of insurers, including legal expenses, household, property owners, office, car and shops.

Additional products are planned to come in the next few months, while plans to further roll out the portal and make it available wholesale have been announced.

De Saa added: “The portal also makes it more transparent, quicker and easier for insurers and MGAs to trade with our brokers.

“It gives them complete transparency and means they can access data insights quickly and efficiently.”