Its research revealed that its customers wanted the brand to be perceived more like a tech SaaS firm instead of a broker

Open GI has refreshed its brand in a bid to become the leading technology partner in the insurance market.

The firm emphasised that the move was a refresh and not a rebrand – therefore the firm’s name remains the same, but the look, logo, tone of voice, design and feel has been refreshed.

This was due research by Open GI which made clear that it needed to change and stand out from the crowd, however product reliability, brand recognition and the quality of its staff were all seen as positives.

It specifically opted for a refresh and not a rebrand because it did not want “lose sight of these positives” or its heritage.

Simon Badley, group chief executive said: “This brand refresh signifies our ambition to retain all that is good about Open GI’s history whilst recognising that the future requires a change in product leadership through client driven focus and engineering excellence.

“We are extremely proud of our brand and look forward to showing more of it to everyone in the coming weeks.”

It follows Open GI outlining its business plans during the coronavirus outbreak at the height of the first lockdown in March. 

Brand dossier

November marked Open GI’s official brand refresh launch – and the firm estimates that the whole process will be complete by late 2021.

The firm will also be launching a new website for the UK and Ireland during November.

Open GI undertook a nine to ten-month long exercise to learn more about what its brand means within the market and how it is perceived. It discovered that early in the process that although its customers expressed great loyalty to its brand, they wanted it to feel more like a technology Software as a Service (SaaS) based partner rather than an insurance broker.

The firm completed a series of surveys of 123 customers and 158 employees, it also interviewed ten key customers and ten representative employee team members. It surveyed the market using an artificial intelligence tool that searched every single mentioned of Open GI news, digital and social media over the last twelve months.

From this audit it complied a brand dossier outlining its findings and put forward some recommendations.

The changes will not affect the usability or functionality of any Open GI platforms or applications.