The firm will be practising social distancing and has released a set of precautionary measures to maintain business as usual

Insurance software provider Open GI has announced plans to ensure it is still providing services to customers during the coronavirus outbreak - at time of writing, Covid-19 cases have risen to 1,950 in the UK and the death toll has reached 71.

Simon Badley, Open GI’s group chief executive, said the organisation is closely monitoring the situation and that it is following guidance from the UK and Ireland government carefully.

The firm will be practising social distancing measures, which the government has now implemented as part of its strategy to help control the spread.

This, he said, is because the health and wellbeing of its customers, partners, suppliers and employees is “paramount”.

Open GI has outlined the following precautionary measure for its customers, partners and staff:

  • All meetings with customers, partners and suppliers will be conducted remotely.
  • Employees will work from home wherever possible, utilising technology solutions to support the most productive methods of remote working.
  • Office locations will remain open with resources based on-site; this will be continuously reviewed.

Badley said that Open GI remains committed to maintaining both regular business hours and high levels of customer service.

It has developed specific guidance for each of its platforms to help support customers to maintain productivity and high service levels.

“These are challenging times, so please be reassured we will continue to monitor and adapt to the situation and will keep you fully informed,” Badley added.