The UK is already recovering from the aftermath of Storm Ciara

As UK businesses and property owners reel from the damage caused by Storm Ciara, yet another huge Atlantic storm threatens to inflict further disruption.

Storm Dennis is due to strike this weekend, bringing winds of up to 70mph with it as well as heavy rain, and Towergate Insurance Brokers has offered advice to businesses and property owners on how to mitigate the impact of the looming maelstrom.

”Big storms can be unpredictable and cause disruption in everyday life, but more so, can be a precarious period for businesses, which is why planning for poor weather conditions is an important step in ensuring the business is run smoothly and avoiding expensive claims,” the broker said in a statement.

It added that one off the biggest risks comes from flood damage, and suggested the following actions to deal with the risk: 

  • Inspect building drainage system and check the building for structural defects through which water could enter and seal them.
  • Elevate critical stock and equipment off the ground or relocate items to an upper floor.
  • Ensure fuel storage tanks are securely fastened or anchored to reduce potential pollution or damage in case of flooding.
  • Consider raising power sockets, phone connections, servers and cabinets to a higher point such as one metre or above expected water levels.
  • Develop a Flood Emergency Response Plan (FERP) and subscribe to flood alert warnings such as the Environment Agency scheme.
  • Consider moving any stock kept in open yards to better shelter and higher ground, wherever possible.

Towergate account executive Adrian Bonas said: “You can never be too prepared. With such unpredictable weather in recent times, it really pays to have a plan in place, which can help your business run more efficiently in the event of any disaster, and more importantly, help prevent costly claims.

“However, in other cases where damage has already occurred, it is important not to panic as there are ways to cope with the aftermath.

”Reporting your claim as soon as possible is the most important step as your broker will be able to offer assistance and advise on the best course of action. You should then make a list of any items damaged, including photographs, as this will help with any claims.”

At the start of this week a cross-industry code of practice on flood resilience was launched at the House of Commons to make it easier for homeowners and businesses to install measures that protect their properties from flooding.