RSA came bottom across all of Insurance Times’s broker service surveys. Where does it go from here? 

By Content Director Saxon East

The complete broker service survey results are in for this year - and it doesn’t make pretty reading for RSA.

RSA is bottom for service in commercial lines, bottom for service in personal lines and bottom for service on etrade via the software houses.

RSA has fallen precipitously over the last decade in our ratings of service. 

The continued reduction in UK premium, exits from lines and the onset of the pandemic have all likely contributed to such underwhelming broker service.

Analysing the results, RSA’s performance fell across every single service area in commercial lines.

Comercial lines service fell across claims, underwriting, policies, quality of cover and - most importantly - relationship management, with just one star out of five achieved in this category.

In personal lines, it has again fallen in every area. Particularly concerning is claims, with just one star achieved.

In etrading, a crumb of comfort can be found in its extranets, where performance was decent enough.

But on software houses, it is once again bottom placed.

Zurich ascendency 

Where does RSA go from here? It can firstly take inspiration from Zurich.

The Swiss-based insurer is on the rise in our surveys.

Its etrade has gone from one of the worst to the best. 

Furthermore, it improved in both commercial and personal lines, achieving three stars.

There is a concerted effort going on at Zurich to raise its standard of service to brokers.

RSA can also take comfort from the arrival of Intact, which will finally take over at the end of this month.

It has a good reputation in Canada. 

A rebrand, fresh investment and a new directional focus can all contribute to raising performance.

Lastly, despite the challenges, RSA does have a lot of goodwill among brokers.

It is one of the oldest and most well known insurers, having served brokers for longer than any other insurer.

They would gladly welcome a refreshed business.

Perhaps next year RSA can, at last, start climbing up our tables on broker service.