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driving uphill

Claims inflation drives ‘a major deterioration’ in UK motor market

With price increases unable to keep pace with inflation, motor insurers must look to claims prevention and repair network support if they wish to remain in the black



Opinion: Inflation and cost of living tightrope testing insurers’ balance

Editor Katie Scott discusses how inflation has impacted insurers’ 2022 half-year results

The Market

classic car lady

Will the UK government’s road to net zero strategy drive classic cars to extinction?

Classic cars could provide an alternative to electric vehicles as they are more sustainable then the general public may assume

The People

William Cooper

William Cooper: Stanhope Cooper seeks investment to get greater ‘buy-in from insurers’

Managing director believes that private equity funding or investment from a larger broker is ‘inevitable’ and will help facilitate growth across three business segments



Backchat September 2022

Insurance journos take on TV inspired challenges, while MGA staff get muddy for a good cause, Allianz gets involved in movie making and an Uber driver nabs a new electric vehicle. What has the insurance industry been up to of late? You heard it here first…