The proposition has ‘a strong focus on renewability and sustainability’ says UKGI chief executive

Aviva has launched a new car insurance product that enables policyholders to offset the carbon emissions created from the miles they drive.

The product, Aviva Zero, launched at the end of February 2022 and will be exclusively distributed via price comparison website ComparetheMarket for three months.

Following this, Aviva Zero will be rolled out to be sold on other price comparison websites – the policy will only be available for retail customers to buy online.

According to Adam Winslow, Aviva’s chief executive of general insurance in the UK and Ireland, Aviva Zero has “a strong focus on renewability and sustainability”.

He explained that the proposition ensures that “100% of miles” that are driven by policyholders “are offset from a carbon perspective”.

The product also has “a real focus on electric vehicles”, Winslow continued.

Focus on sustainability

The launch of Aviva Zero aligns with the insurer’s ambitions to continue investment in its retail proposition, Winslow told Insurance Times.

A spokesperson at Aviva added: “Over the past couple of years, we have seen some big changes in the way people are buying products and services and adapting their lifestyles to be more sustainable.

“To help meet these changing needs, Aviva has launched a new online-only car insurance product – Aviva Zero - that allows customers to offset their carbon emissions from driving their car.

“We will use Aviva Zero to test which sustainability features and benefits appeal most to customers and we plan to add more features over time.”