With more people considering smart home technology, AXA Partners’ sales, marketing and distribution director explains why the insurance industry must take note

There has been a shift in consumer attitudes towards smart technology following the Covid-19 pandemic, according to AXA Partners.

Its research has revealed that nearly half (49%) of consumers are now open to installing smart technology in their homes.

Prior to lockdown, 25% of homeowners did not have smart technology.

Kelly Ward, sales, marketing, and distribution director at AXA Partners told Insurance Times: “This insight reinforces a Covid-driven changing attitude towards home technology, and the industry should take note of this shift in behaviour.

“Covid has accelerated a move from what is functional in the home being important, to what provides security, peace of mind and efficiency.

“Which in turn, points to the necessity of being able to get your home tech fixed quickly, should it fail.”

It follows AXA Partners revealing its wider plans to become “fully comprehensive” in smart connected home last year, and this year it launched a digital portal for home emergency claims in May. 

Future trend

AXA Partners’ research also found that over half (53%) of respondents invested in smart appliances as a result of spending more time indoors, demonstrating the added value that they bring to everyday life.

Ward expects to see a fundamental shift in what is valued within the home.

“Over the next year, the value of connectivity in the home will be increasingly recognised, especially the ease and functionality it provides to the home living experience.

”We’ve seen a huge rise in the use of voice activated devices such as Amazon Echo/Dot and Google Home, and as consumer needs change, so will the type of smart tech that they want around them, he continued.

“As the amount of time that people spent in their homes dramatically increased during lockdown, consumers’ desire to make changes to their home environment has also been on the rise.”

Giving an example of this, Ward added: “Owners of multiple properties such as holiday homes, may also start to see the security value that technology brings, in terms of being able to view their homes remotely – smart doorbells and camera systems.

“Since the first national lockdown ended, 8% of homeowners say that they have invested in smart doorbells.”