The insurtech will be inviting employees to give feedback on its progress 

Insurtech Cytora is moving to remote-first working permanently.

This means that employees can work from any location that they choose and are not constrained to a physical office.

The firm will be inviting feedback from its employees on the progress made to ensure is is continually improving its remote-first culture.

Cytora’s chief executive Richard Hartley said: “Covid-19 was the clear catalyst for our decision, but it’s not the reason.

“The concept of the traditional workplace needed to change regardless of this; and our decision to go remote first has been designed with purpose and conviction.

It is one of several firms in the insurance industry to make this move including law firm Slater and Gordon.

It follows the firm switching to working from home as a result of the pandemic lockdown. 


Cytora believes that the “old office” attitude cannot inspire people to build companies and workplaces of the future or solve problems that matter for customers.

It is implementing the following initiatives as it shifts to remote-first:

  • Each employee will receive a remote working travel budget of £2,000 a year to work from wherever they want in the world
  • Cytora will book a carousel of rotating accommodation across different locations in Europe (Covid-19 dependent) where employees can work remotely, encouraging varied collaborative experiences
  • Budget is available for employees to purchase chairs, desks, ergonomics, monitors, headphones, lamps, fans/heaters, and more
  • Regular offsites will enable staff to work together and socialise – and as Covid restrictions ease, it will be hosting fortnightly all-company social get-togethers in London

“As we look around the world today, so many organisations are anticipating a return to the drudgery of commuting and old office life - but that’s not the case at Cytora,” added Hartley.

“We are creating a place with trust at its core, and where ambition can sky-rocket. Going remote-first also gives us better access to talent, enabling us to hire the best people for the job, who share our principles, regardless of their location. This all creates a unique and inspiring working environment that gives our people and our customers a true competitive advantage.”

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