Many walkers are using golf courses during lockdown which poses an additional and unexpected risk 

Golf is set to resume across England and Wales, but a lack of insurance could put thousands at risk.

This is according to golf insurer – Golf Care’s survey of 500 people who regularly played another sport before the lockdown, found that 71% of non-golfers would consider taking up the sport in the coming weeks but only 24% consider insurance.

The potential for injury could be significant as many courses are being used by walkers during lockdown and poor technique of those that are new to the sport.

John Woosey, founder and managing director at Golf Care is therefore urging both new and returning golfers that they are fully insured. Golf Care is a brand that sits under insurtech Ripe Thinking’s umbrella.

“The loosening of golf’s lockdown restrictions will be welcome news for many across England, whether seasoned players or first-timers to the game. But, in the rush to get back out on the fairway, we can’t stress enough how important it that everyone is 100% protected on the course, he said.

“Golf is often mistaken as a low risk sport, but it can be extremely dangerous, hence why specialist insurance isn’t just a luxury; it’s a necessity for all.”

It follows a government statement on 10 May for plans to resume sports on the conditions that players and clubs follow strict safety measures.

That’s a gimme

The move could see thousands of returning players flock to clubs across the country, many of whom may have let their insurance lapse during the lockdown.

The two-month hiatus could mean that regular players may be out of practise, whilst novices will lack consistency and awareness. Both increase the likelihood of accidents occurring on the golf course.

An example of this danger was when a golfer’s shot caused another player’s eye to “explode” in its socket. The non-insured golfer in question found himself at the centre of a court case which could have left him liable to pay £397,000 in damages out of his own pocket.

And while many councils and the general public have welcomed walkers using golf courses during lockdown, this creates an additional hazard and potential for injury.

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