Its call centre receives more than 28,000 questions per month on its policies 

LV= General Insurance (LV=GI) has launched a ’voice skill’ app for car insurance customers with Amazon Alexa and Google Home Assistant products.

It has been developed as an alternative method of delivering policy information to help those vulnerable customers who are less able to use a computer or phone to check documents.

The hope that that the app will reduce pressure on call centre staff. LV= said their staff receive over 28,000 questions on policy documents each month, so the hope is that use of the app will free up time for more in-depth call handling and claims processing.

This voice skill allows car insurance customers to ask questions about policies using the voice assistant on their smart speaker asking it to ’open LV’.

Jon Mansley, LV= GI sales and marketing director, said: “At LV= GI we’re always trying to make things easier for our customers, so with nearly 13 million smart speakers sold in the UK in 2019 we thought a voice app would be helpful.

“With the launch of this new voice skill, customers can now find out details of their policy in a matter of seconds, simply by asking their smart device.”

It claims that the new voice skill will be “first of its kind” within the general insurance industry from a direct insurer.

This follows Das UK launching an Amazon Echo skill last year enabling customers to ask Alexa legal questions. 

Rabbit and Pork

LV= said that it will be able to answer over 500 policy-based questions, which have been collated from commonly asked questions on LiveChat and the call centre.

It will be monitoring updates to refine answers where possible and update the software if needed.

It worked with specialist agency Rabbit and Pork to help build the voice skill’s functionality.

John Campbell, Rabbit and Pork managing director, said: “It’s important that companies such as LV= have a presence on voice-enabled devices, as we are seeing them become part of our daily lives. We look forward to building on this first version with more content and features in the future.”